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I like my scotch neat, love putting garlic in all my food, and sing Korean ballads when I am by myself

During my sophomore year of college, I scraped together the profits from my RobinHood trading account, and bought myself my first camera and kit lens.

Shooting on that one crappy kit lens, I had to sneak up on wildlife, wade through rivers, climb buildings, and create makeshift tripods out of trashcans.

Throughout my adventures, I’ve been washed out by rogue waves, wrestled an elephant for control over my camera, and even been chased by a herd of cows.

Just to get that one, perfect shot.

And that’s why I fell in love with photography.


Even though photography is my creative outlet, it is also a social adventure for me. Through photography, I’ve met my best friends, gained access to events I would never have imagined myself going to, and met people worlds outside of my usual social circle.

Photography has enriched my life with so many relationships, skills, and memories, and I love creating and sharing those experiences with other humans!

PC: Kim Ambrocio

PC: Kim Ambrocio

More About Me!

  1. I am currently a 4th-year Political Science and Entrepreneurship student at the UC Berkeley

  2. Born in Korea, raised in Los Angeles, served in Berkeley

  3. I launched a successful Kickstarter campaign, and co-founded a VC-backed startup called COBA, The Coffee Bar

  4. I once seasoned a steak and accidentally left it in my fridge for a week. It was the best dry-aged steak I’ve ever had!

  5. One time, I rode my bike from Sather Gate in Berkeley, all the way down to Santa Monica Pier!

  6. Whenever I go to AYCE Korean BBQ or Sushi, the waiters eventually stop bringing me food :(