PC: Tina Liao  Edits: Me

PC: Tina Liao

Edits: Me


Thank you for taking the time to check out my website! I am a fourth-year UC Berkeley student studying Political Science, Korean Studies, and Entrepreneurship. In addition to my studies, I am currently working full-time as a Co-Founder on a startup called COBA, The Coffee Bar. I specialize in graduation, portrait, and product photography.

I picked up photography during the summer of 2017 while interning and studying in London. Since then, I have travelled to Paris, Amsterdam, Brighton, Fukuoka, and Tokyo with my camera. What began as a means to document my travels evolved into a passion. Through photography, I am able to display my emotions in a tangible medium and show others how I interpret the world. 

For photoshoots and rates, drop me a message: 

Insta: @joshua.han_coba


PC: Kim Ambrocio

PC: Kim Ambrocio